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“I'd been putting off improving my running skills for approximately 32 years, when a 'friend' signed me up for a 10k run. None too pleased I armed myself with an iPod containing 'Success' and off I went. The rhythms are ideal for jogging and the voiceover really does lull you into a gentle trance-like state where you're totally absorbed by the words. I came home feeling energised, uplifted and totally motivated, not just in my training but in my goals for the day. I now use Hypnogogo every time I go running and feel like I'm getting a lovely, gentle mental workout as well as a physical one. Have also used at the gym on a treadmill and bike too. Love it!” 
Rebecca Jenkins, on-line editor, London

Claire’s warm and inspiring voice is really what makes Hypnogogo work for me, it’s like running with a friend who helps you push through the time and distance. I surprised myself on my very first run and have been woken up to the possibilities of what running can mean to me. I feel interested, amazed and inspired. Thanks Claire!”
Alice Hammond, Managing Director, DnA PR, Brighton

Hypnogogo is an aural extravaganza combining hypnotic, energy-giving grooves with inspirational, motivational one-to-one coaching. Listening to the 40-minute track while running allowed me to get physical while focusing on what I really need to do in order to achieve my goals on that
day and for the future.
Claire Hughes, journalist, author and DJ, London

“Thumbs up for Hypnogogo – it gets you moving and keeps you going. Not like anything I've ever used before.
Try it – you'll love it!”
Allison Mitchell, founder of Manic Mums, Surrey

“You know how sometimes you get to a point in your run where all you can feel is the drudgery of the next step? Seriously, since listening to Hypnogogo I haven't felt this. Perhaps because I feel motivated by it, or perhaps I'm simply distracted by Claire's dulcet tones - whatever it is, it works!”
Mel Cook, SIngapore

“Running with Hypnogogo is amazing! I used to just enjoy the after effects of my run, now I love the actual run too! I run faster and more rhythmically.  Before Hypnogogo my favourite thing to run to was the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo film podcast from Radio 5. When I went back to this the other day I found that I just didn't feel the same as when I use Hypnogogo: I felt OK, just not inspired or as energised! So I am back to Hypnogogo now.”
Cath Parker, teacher, Sun Power Yoga, London

“I have used all three Hypnogogo recordings – Confidence, Success and Weight Loss - and listen to, on average, two a week. They actually make me want to go out for a run or fast walk as I feel so much better when I’ve played them – about my body, my fitness and my focus on what I want to achieve. I’ve found the Weight Loss recording is a huge support and speeds up the weight loss. Whenever I feel I’m going to fall off track, I play my recording – even in the house. I’m so thrilled and I have lost 9lbs  over the past 5 weeks. The music is fast paced which is essential in my workout. Each time I listen to them I lose track of time and end up doing much more exercise in half an hour than I normally do – I go for it and enjoy doing so!”
Nikki Armytage, founder, The Life Stylist, London

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