Hypnogoslow: 'release your inner beauty' for Hello!

This promotion has now closed if you'd like a copy of 'release your inner beauty' please email me on info@hypnogogo.co.uk

As a hypnotherapist I work with many clients to help improve their confidence and self-belief.  What’s interesting is that we all have within us all of the inner resources we need.  When we believe in ourselves and allow ourselves to try it’s amazing what we can achieve.  

Hypnosis is a very gentle and pleasurable way to help us connect with our own inner power and let our confidence shine through. I wrote this recording especially for hello!magazine.com readers, with that aim in mind; to help you tune in to what makes you the amazing, unique and special person that you are because when you let that shine through there’s no doubt you will be beautiful.  

We hope you enjoy it.

This hypnogoslow recording is to be listened to in a quiet place, perhaps lying or sitting down, where you won't be disturbed.  Please do not use it while you're driving.

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