Hypnogogo: moving meditation

hypnogogo life in balance

Hypnogogo is an audio download that works out your mind while you work out your body. There are Hypnogogos for running and walking.

Each Hypnogogo download is a motivational mind and body workout, carefully crafted so you end each session feeling refreshed, empowered and excited about your aims and ambitions. 

When working out with Hypnogogo your attention is focused on achieving an outcome over and above simply finishing your run or walk.  

Whether you want to increase your confidence, attract success, manifest abundance, attract more money, create a balanced life, be happy or reduce your weight, Hypnogogo guides you through a meditative coaching and creative visualisation workout so you exercise your imagination as well as your body.

With Hypnogogo you experience the heightened awareness and attention associated with meditation - while you move. 

The motivational music for each Hypnogogo is specially written to be hypnotic yet uplifting, with the right number of beats per minute for a great run or walk. The words open you up to new suggestions so you can reach your goals.

Hypnogogo is the brainchild of Claire Benson, a south London based hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Claire is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and subscribes to guidelines laid down by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. To find out more, visit www.unstuck-thinking.co.uk.

Obviously take good care when you run using the Hypnogogo downloads and make sure you see your doctor before starting any new exercise or running programme. Hypnogogo takes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries.

Hypnogogo is a trading name of unstuck thinking ltd, registered number:   06989876 © unstuck thinking 2014